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Micro Needling - Acne Scar

I had always heard about Skin Rejuvenation treatments but never really understood what it was or the benefits until i tried a course of treatments myself.

I was so amazed with the results that i decided to become a qualified therapist in skin rejuvenation products, i am now able to help others in improving their skin.

I had suffered with Acne Scarring throughout my teens and all i wanted was smooth scar free skin. I have had 3 micro needling treatments and my scars are barely there.

I was looking for a treatment that would have minimal down time. Micro Needling has not only given me amazing but it has also helped a number of my clients.

How Skin Rejuvenation - Micro Needling Works

Skin Rejuvenation - Micro Needling is a medical device which is fast and precise, the needles are angled in such a way that there is less trauma to the skin. This means you will heal a lot quicker and little downtime. There is no need to hide away at home for days, you will be able to return to normal activities the same day. You may have some redness for the first 24 hours

Is Micro Needling Painful

You will experience some discomfort. We use an effective topical anesthetic prior to every treatment.

Acne Scar before Micro Needling - Skin Rejuvenation
Acne Scarring After Micro Needling - Skin Rejuvenation

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