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Microblading Gone Wrong

Microblading gone wrong but you are in luck as SJ Beauty Room can help you

Mircoblading involves using a certain number of needles to apply ink to the eyebrows while applying ultra-fine, short micro-lines of ink so that they can look like natural hairs. A mixture of pigment that matches the eyebrow’s natural colour is then applied on the needles that inject the pigments in brush strokes.

There are dangers associated with microblading especially if the process is being handled by inexperienced makeup artists who are not certified. Unfortunately, there are a number of people out there that aren’t qualified carrying out the procedure. The clients are then left with undesired results and possible infections.

Undesirable results

Unqualified microblading artists with no training do not know how to mix the right colours or what pressure to use when working in the skin. Microblading requires trained professionals who know how to mix colours that will match and compliment the skin tone for the right results.

Make sure you chose a qualified microblading artist


Hygiene is so important when it comes to microblading. Unqualified microblading artists will not be a aware of health and safety and sanity standard that we must follow. This may lead to infections such as severe swelling, loss of feeling, migraines around the eyebrow

However, if you visit a reputable makeup artist, it is unlikely you will get infections from their clinic. Furthermore, ensure the permanent makeup artist is wearing gloves, face mask, using only disposable needles or the tools and equipment are covered with the barrier film – although not all reputable makeup artists do this. Permanent makeup infections mostly happen once you have left the clinic. So the aftercare instructions you are given at the clinic are very important and you should follow them keenly. Some of the important tips include:

  • Avoid harsh face cleansers

  • Be careful with stray hairs, styling products, and your hair as they can irritate the treated area and cause damage

  • Don’t scratch the treated area.

If you happen to get infected, seek medical treatment instantly. It is best for the infection to be treated as soon as possible to prevent it from getting worse.

What to do next

To avoid your microblading experience from going wrong, a high skilled artist like Sarb Juttla is recommended. Permanent makeup artists like Sarb Juttla go through extensive training on microblading treatments and are skilled in fixing undesirable results if your microblading results go wrong. Unqualified artists come cheap but they may not be confident and skilled enough to do a correction job.

If your microblading gone wrong, contact Sarb Juttla for help. Sarb Juttla is always available for any inquiries and will be more than happy to help you achieve your desired results.

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